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What's up, rugged riders! Whether you're cruising on an ATV, dirt bike, or off-road truck, the Tabletop Pack by The Rag Company has got your back (and your dashboard, console, and seats). Get ready to discover your new favorite detailing mediums for your off-road vehicles.  

Say adios to those pesky streaks with these edgeless, tagless, pearl weave microfiber towels and applicator sponges. Give your plastics, rubber, and trim some extra love, luster, and streak-free finish without breaking a sweat.  

Once you've given your ride a good wash with P&S Wide Open All Terrain Wash, it's time to get your Full Send on with P&S Full Send Total Dressing. With the power of these combined, it's pure magic – it conditions, restores, and rejuvenates your car's interior and exterior finishes, leaving it looking “so fresh and so clean" clean.  

And for all you tire freaks out there, apply Full Send Total Dressing directly to the Tabletop sponge applicator and go wild on those tires. Slap on as much as you like and let the Tabletop towel take care of any unwanted dressing on nearby surfaces.