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Regular price $41.00
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TEC583 XPC3® Ceramic Wheel Protectant Protectant is the easiest way to get ceramic surface protection for both OEM and aftermarket wheels. The product once sprayed onto the wheel instantly begins to bond to the surface giving maximum protection and gloss. The treated surface will resist road dirt, grime, and brake dust and make future cleanings easier. The protection is seen with the tight water beading and the wheel will have more luster. The protection will last up to 3 months under normal driving conditions.


Wash wheels and tires thoroughly. Ensure all areas of the wheels are clean, including faces, barrels, and any intricate areas. Spray an even coat of product over the entire wheel. Allow product to dwell for 30 seconds to ensure proper bonding at the surface level. Use a strong stream of water to wash away any excess product. Tight water beading should be observed. First time application may require a second coat to fully bond to all pores of the wheel surface. Repeat application every 3 months or as needed to maintain a new appearance of wheels.


The easiest way to get ceramic protection for wheels
• Maximum protection and gloss
• Resists road dirt, grime, and brake dust
• Enhanced luster
• Up to 3 months protection