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Regular price $14.99
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  • Adjustable spray nozzle.
  • More ergonomic Trigger Sprayer that fits perfectly and comfortably in the hand. *Updated 2023*
  • Adjustable spray nozzle.
  • Optimal for solvent-based pesticides, alcohols, oils, solvents and petroleum by-products. Partially resistant to alkalis and ketones (Chemical Product Table).
  • Optimal for use with CARPRO TarX.

Cleaning and Maintenance of the Trigger Sprayer:

  • If the nozzle becomes blocked, clean it with water and do not use metallic objects.
  • If the filter of the handle is clogged, remove it and clean it with water.
  • Store the sprayer under cover, avoiding freezing temperatures and extreme heat (between 5º and 30º C).
  • To prolong the life of the seals, regularly apply grease to the moving parts of the sprayer.