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Regular price $129.00
Regular price Sale price $129.00
  • M8S V2 offers an 8mm throw and 5-inch plate, ideal for beginners and professional arsenals
  • Lightweight, sleek design perfect for cars and boats
  • Upgraded to a powerful 1000W motor and ergonomic enhancements from the original M8S
  • Easy maintenance has your dual action polisher for car detailing lasting longer than ever
  • Achieve a professional-grade finish without professional prices

DA Polisher Annihilates Scratches

With the DA polisher M8S V2, you can elevate your car detailing game to new heights. Its powerful motor and precise 8mm throw ensure efficient and effective polishing, leaving your vehicle with a flawless shine.

Adjustable 6-Speed Control for Precision

Equipped with adjustable speeds ranging from 2,200 to 6,500 OPM and half-step capabilities, the M8S V2 gives you complete control over the polishing process, leading to precision detailing.

Customizable Comfortable Grip

Get your preferred grip with the adjustable and detachable handle. Combined with the updated ergonomic top grip, you will achieve maximum comfort.

Reduced Vibration Dual Action Polisher

The Dual Action Polisher for car detailing offers less vibration with the powerful 1000W, balanced electro-mechanical system, producing optimal output for your polishing productivity.

Built to Last

Designed with durability in mind, MaxShine’s M8S V2 will be a part of your detailing arsenal for years to come