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Regular price $14.00
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The Lake Country CCS Green Polishing Pad allows you to easily apply light polishes and get spectacular results! This foam is soft yet firm enough, making it a great balance between correction and finishing. Pair it with your favorite light polish, glaze or all-in-one polish/protection products. With only a few drops of product, this foam will glide across the surface, safely and easily removing light swirls, water spots, haze, and other imperfections creating an optically clear surface. For most paints, this pad is perfect as the last step, but if you need something with less cut and more finish, check out the CCS Black or Blue pads. On top of the great foam construction, this pad features CCS technology.

Traditional foam pads can absorb polish too quickly, reducing performance because the polish is trapped below the face of the pad. The CCS Technology solves this problem with partially closed foam cells, or dimples on the face of the pad. These pockets capture and gradually release polish as needed during the polishing process. This feature tends to reduce surface tension, pad skipping, and heat generation with less surface area on the face of the pad being in contact with the painted surface. Less surface area means less friction, which in turn increases polishing performance! All Lake Country CCS Pads are made from the same exact foam as the flat versions, which means no confusion on which color will perform which polishing job.