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Regular price $12.65
Regular price Sale price $12.65
  • Orange pad is designed for light paint correction and polishing.
  • Closed-cell foam reduces the amount of pad absorption.
  • Keeps more product on the surface of the pad.
  • Very easy to clean with just water.
  • Specifications:
    • Pad Face: 3.5 inch
    • Pad Backing: 3 inch
    • Thickness: .75 inch
The Orange Uro-Cell Foam Pad is excellent for the removal of minor paint defects like wash induced marring, cob-webs, and light swirls. You will want to use this pad with your favorite polish to bring up the shine after heavier compounding.

Buff and Shine's Uro-Cell Foam Pads are made from a closed-cell European foam that yields more efficient buffing, quicker paint correction times and lowers your chemical costs. This closed-cell foam greatly reduces the amount of compound or polish being absorbed into the pad, keeping more of your compound or polish on the surface of the pad. This allows you to keep more compound or polish in contact with the paint surface. This results in a faster cutting and polishing times.

Another benefit of the closed-cell foam is chemical savings. Because your compound or polish does not readily soak into the foam, less product is required to do the same amount of work. Less saturation of chemical into the foam pad results in less wasted product. You will also find that because the product is not soaking into the pad, the performance of the pad and chemical is consistent for a longer period of time between re-application of product, so your "dollup" of product doesn't wear out as quickly.

Another benefit to Buff and Shine Uro-Cell foam pads is they work fantastically with water based, compounds and polishes. These pads bring out the best performance from these products, providing even dispersion across the pad and vehicle surface.

Cleaning these pads is very easy! Since your compound or polish does not soak into the pad, you can simply clean these pads with water or quickly with your favorite pad-washer. These pads are designed for use on dual action polishers, random orbital polishers, forced rotation dual action polishers and rotary polishers. You do not want to use them with a long-throw polisher.