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Regular price $69.95
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The Car Wash Foam Cannon is a NEW Snow Master Foam Cannon from Maxshine. Capable of holding 35oz of soapy water and creating an extravagant stream of foam that will leave your vehicle covered and ready for washing.

It prevents scratching and offers the perfect layer of thick soap to wash your car from top to bottom.

The Foam Cannon Provides 870PSI to 3190PSI Water Pressure.  

The integrated copper components in the casting feature an adjustable 1/4 inch Quick Disconnect Adapter mounted on the assembly, delivering water pressure from 870 PSI to 3190 PSI and a water flow rate from 1.3 GPM to 5.3 GPM, making it ideal for a water wash cannon. This foam cannon creates a thick foam layer on the car, facilitating faster cleaning and significantly reducing wash time.

The water spray patterns are adjustable with 360-degree turning control, thanks to the integrated copper parts construction, ensuring a firm seal and adapting resistive material against corrosion from water.


Dimensions and weight

Water tank diameter 4.64 inches, Foam cannon height 10.4 inches, Length of the handle 7 inches, 1.41 LBS


Weight 0.63kg
Capacity 35oz
Inlet 1/4”
Mini~ Max Pressure 870PSI ~ 3,190PSI
Min~Max Flow 1.3GPM~5.3GPM
Maximum Temperature 140°F
Nozzle Diameter 1-1/4”