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Welcome to a new era of car washing with Q²M Bathe, the best car soap designed specifically for maintaining a polished paint finish. This highly lubricated ceramic coating wash soap ensures that your paint remains swirl-free while packing tons of cleaning power and suds. It's the ideal solution for your weekly or biweekly wash maintenance, ensuring that your vehicle always looks its best. If you're in search of the ultimate ceramic coating wash soap, look no further.

Q²M Bathe is a high quality car wash soap that holds a powerful detergent, but is ph neutral in order not to strip any existing wax or sealant. Q²M Bathe will not degrade your coating and is perfectly safe on any delicate finish.

The vast majority of swirl marks occur during the wash process. We are moving tiny dirt particles over the paint with our car wash soap which can scratch and create swirl marks over time. Q²M Bathe creates an extreme amount of lubrication between your wash mitt and paint to reduce the chances of wash induced marring.