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Q² View has long been the industry benchmark for window coating, renowned for its durability and trusted by advanced detailing enthusiasts and professionals alike. Q² View EVO continues this legacy with improved ease of application, thanks to the new Q²M GlassPolish, along with enhanced durability and resistance. It boasts a lasting presence on windshields, enduring up to 24 months with uncompromised water repellency, while side windows can maintain protection for up to 36 months.

Q² View EVO prioritizes your safety and driving comfort, especially in challenging road conditions. We believe that as road conditions worsen, driver focus should heighten. Q² View EVO delivers a clearer road view by keeping windows clean, repelling water and dirt, and enhancing transparency. Additionally, its increased slickness helps reduce ice and snow adhesion, further improving driving conditions.

In 2021, we made significant strides by revamping our entire paint coating lineup under the EVO name. Now, two years later, we're thrilled to announce similar advancements across our other coatings. With all EVO coatings, we've prioritized ease of application and achieved up to 50% more durability and resistance in everyday use.