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Regular price $26.99
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  • EASY TO USE: Just one layer of Q² LeatherCoat car care ensures a high level of protection as the coating itself is hydrophobic and repels both liquids and dirt. Simply spray a small amount of Q² LeatherCoat onto a high quality microfiber towel and work into a clean leather surface. Use after car leather cleaner. Great addition to your car detailing kit
  • NATURAL SATIN FINISH: Q² LeatherCoat does not leave your leather shiny or greasy. Healthy leather has a nice satin and natural finish, and that is what Q² LeatherCoat leaves behind. Great leather coating as part of your car cleaner detail regiment.
  • PREVENT UV FADING: Q² LeatherCoat provides strong protection against UV rays, allowing you to keep the freshness of colors for a long time, even in hot and sunny conditions. Great protection and if you need more GYEON Leather Shield is a great leather ceramic coating.
  • HIGHLY REPELLENT: Q² LeatherCoat is designed to protect the leather from dirt, sweat, salt, and fats. Its hydrophobic properties and strong bonding to the surface help to protect against pollutants that may penetrate the porous structure of your leather.
  • GYEON produces premium auto detailing supplies. For car upholstery cleaner, use GYEON Interior Detailer. Car Wash supplies.