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Regular price $42.99
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This Low-Pressure Foam Gun mixes soap, air, and running water to create exceptionally foamy suds! Attach to a garden hose and remove abrasive dirt particles that can leave scratches and swirls. Turn any car wash into a foam-covered authentic detail!


  • Connects to Standard Garden Hose
  • No Pressure Washer Required
  • Removes Abrasive Dirt Safely and Efficiently
  • High Quality Brass Connector for Durable Connection to Hose
Art.N° LPG001
Material PE + Zinc alloy (inside gun handle) + Brass connector
Bottle PE
Spray bar Red PP
Handle Black PP coated
Net weight 0.43kg
Capacity 1L
Water inlet connection garden water pipe nipple, copper quick connection
Min pressure 36 PSI
Max pressure 87 PSI
Max temperature 40 ° C
Nozzle Dia 1.9mm