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Regular price $25.00
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Material: Feather-Tip Bristles and chemical resistant Plastic Block

A regular STANDARD threaded paint roller handle will fit the brush

1. The bristles are close enough to each other to hold a lot of soap and water.
2. Bi-level design offers multiple angles to take on messes.
3. Excellent body brush for large vehicles with higher roofs like vans and trucks, large vehicles (a high-top van and a travel trailer).
4. Safe on all surfacesm, help avoid scratching delicate surfaces.

  • 15 inchs long bi-level heavy duty wash brush head. Longer than others.
  • Multi-purpose: Use as flow through or dip brush. Great for auto, truck, home, RV etc.
  • Structurally strong, light to use, extremely soft and the bristles are close
  • Feather-Tip Bristles can prevent scratching and scuffing
  • The Plastic block is resistant chemical, resist splitting or delaminating