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Regular price $24.91
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3D Yellow Degreaser is a powerful but also very safe cleaner and degreaser for all wheels, tires, and the wheel well area.  Non-toxic and acid-free, this degreaser can be safely used to clean any surface in the wheel area.  Dissolves and breaks the bond between oily brake dust and your car’s rims.  Excels at the more difficult cleaning jobs including removing older, previously applied greasy, silicone-based tire dressings.

What is it? - Heavy-duty degreaser for cleaning and degreasing.

What does it do? - Safely cleans just about any surface and/or area of your car.

When do you use it? - Anytime you have really dirty, greasy and/or grimy areas to clean.

Why use 3D Yellow Degreaser over other options? - There are a lot of degreasers on the market but many of them use ingredients that while they clean well, they are not safe for the environment or even for humans.  3D’s Research & Development Team formulates all 3D’s products to be the best performing products in their category while also ensuring the are safe for both the environment and for our customers, both professionals and enthusiasts.

  • Non-acid heavy-duty cleaner/degreaser
  • Cleans wheels, tires, and wheel well areas
  • Excels at cleaning rubber sidewalls
  • Removed previously applied tire dressing
  • Cleans and brightens white walls and lettering 
  • Safe for all wheel types including: Chrome, Coated aluminum, Polished aluminum, Painted included clear coated paint, Plastic wheel covers, Stainless Steel wheel covers, Wire wheels