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3D POXY falls into the category waxes called, show car waxes or finishing waxes. The reason for this is because it’s pure protection. There are not chemical cleaners or abrasives like you find in AIO type products. This is a dedicated product for protecting the paint will adding a deep, wet, high gloss shine that slick and slippery to the touch like we all love. Because it has no cleaners or abrasives and thus no ability to remove paint defects like swirls, scratches, oxidation, and water spots, it should ONLY be used on pant that is already in new or excellent condition. This includes brand new cars fresh off the dealership’s showroom floor or immediately after the paint on any vehicles has been professionally cleaned and polished.

3D on the outside of the bottle means you can trust the product on the inside of the bottle.

What is it? - 3D POXY is a non-cleaning, hybrid sealant/wax. This means it’s’ a blended paint protection product made from both man-made synthetic protection ingredients fused with naturally occurring fossilized Montan Wax. It contains zero abrasives or chemical cleaners and for this reason should only be used on paint that is clean and smooth to the touch like brand new vehicles or paint that has been recently corrected.

Montan Wax is a naturally occurring bituminous wax found in brown or lignite coal deposits. It is hard, non-toxic, and highly resistant to decomposition. In simpler terms, it doesn’t break-down as easy as other wax ingredient options commonly used in the car care industry. When used as an ingredient in automotive waxes it imparts a scuff-resistance, high water repellency and a super high gloss shine. 

Because Montan Wax both impermeable and also proven to be highly chemical resistant, it excels as just one of the protection ingredients used in 3D POXY to protect your car’s paint. Another favorable characteristic is that Montan Wax offers excellent heat-resistance, making it a great choice for use in outdoor environments where your vehicle is exposed to direct sunlight over extended periods of time.

3D POXY offers fast application by hand or machine and after fully drying, (about 15 to 20 minutes), wipe-off is super easy. This is a great choice for large items like high-end RVs and also brand-new trucks, suvs and cars. The resulting finish is slick and slippery to the touch, this helps to decrease risk of marring and also makes drying faster and safer.

What does it do? - Seals the surface of your car’s paint with a long lasting, high gloss, scuff-resistant, chemical resistant, water-resistant and heat-resistant layer of protection.

When do you use it? - On paint that is in new and/or excellent condition. This includes cars that are brand new when the paint is still smooth to the touch without any below surface paint defects like swirls, scratches, water spots or oxidation. 

3D POXY is also an excellent topper for additional protection, longevity, gloss, and shine after first using 3D SPEED to correct neglected paint on older cars.

Why use 3D POXY over other options? - 3D POXY provides excellent paint protection, longevity plus gloss, depth, and shine in a single, easy to use liquid form that can be applied by hand or machine. Because this is a BLENDED product you get the features and benefits of multiple paint protection ingredients. Waxes and sealants that are singular, that is the protection aspect is based upon a single ingredient or substance can only offer limited features and benefits.

The biggest enemy to automotive clearcoats are chemical attack followed by marring followed by water spotting due to all the contamination in all water sources including city water, well water and rainwater.

3D POXY is highly chemical resistant, mar-resistant and water-resistant. Besides how it excels past the competition when it comes to protecting your car’s paint, it’s also super easy to apply and like 3D SPEED – super easy to wipe-off.

The gloss and shine are exceptional but what people really love is how 3D POXY leaves your car’s paint feeling super slick and slippery to the touch. And this makes washing faster, easier, and safer.

  • Hybrid blend of synthetic & Montan wax.
  • Superior chemical and high heat resistance.
  • Longer lasting protection than traditional waxes.
  • Fast application by hand or machine with effortless wipe-off.
  • Non-staining formula will not stain plastic trim.
  • Zero-dusting, streak-free no smear crystal clear results.
  • Perfect Topper for 3D SPEED.
  • For brand new cars, trucks suvs, rvs, motorcycles, boats, and aircraft
  • Green technology, Earth friendly, biodegradable, Prop 65 and V.O.C. compliant.