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3D makes getting rid of foul odors, unpleasant scents, unwanted smells and horrible stenches quick, fast and easy with their spray-on odor eliminator – 3D Odor X. Unlike most products in the odor removing category, which don’t actually remove the molecules that are the root-cause of the offending odors, 3D Odor X – seeks out and breaks-down the individual molecules and this permanently eliminates the root cause.

One of the most difficult things to do is remove unwanted foul odors out of the inside of a vehicle. In most cases, the odors, which are molecules from some form of substance, permeate into porous surfaces like cloth seats, cloth headliners, cloth door panels and fabric carpets. Unlike a hard surface, which you can simply WIPE the surface and remove the contaminants – with cloth and fabric – the odor causing molecules are behind the surface and inside the cloth covered component.

Simply spray 3D Odor X over the area causing the odors and let the bacterial enzymes go to work. For really severe situations – you may need to spray and massage the product into the cloth covered item and repeat as needed, but for most day-to-day odors a simple spray will take the smell away.

3D on the outside of the bottle means you can trust the product on the inside of the bottle.

What is it? - Spray-on, leave-on odor eliminating bacterial enzyme.

What does it do? - Removes odors by break down the molecules that make-up the root cause of the odor.

When do you use it? - Anytime you detect a foul odor or unpleasant scent in your car, truck, SUV, RV, boat or house.

Why use 3D Odor X over other options? - The reason most products for getting rid of odors on the market are simply scents that mask the odor is because the chemistry required to correctly embody the bacterial enzyme in a stable carrying agent that at the same time does not kill the bacterial enzyme is difficult and costly. It also requires a high degree of expertise.