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Regular price $14.49
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3D Car Care's Bead It Up is a premium, ceramic infused booster spray designed to not only add and enhance existing ceramic coatings, but delivers more gloss and shine with the benefit of hydrophobic protection. Perfect for maintenance in between washes.

    • Hydrophobic and UV Protection
    • Contains SiO2 Polymers
    • Enhanced Gloss and Shine
    • Durable Bonding
    • Ease of Use
    • Made in the USA

Discover the ultimate solution in car care with 3D's Bead It Up, a premium ceramic booster spray that doubles as a quick detailer. Bead It Up stands out for its unique formula, utilizing proprietary chemistry that sets a new standard in detailing.

Unlike other products that offer minimal shine and no added protection, Bead It Up provides a long-lasting solution that prolongs the life of your car's wax, sealant and ceramic coating. Our innovative formula not only enhances the appearance of your car with unbeatable loss and shine but also fortifies the paint's surface against harsh environmental elements. Its hydrophobic properties ensure water-beading, reducing water spots and making maintenance simpler.

Bead It Up is incredibly easy to apply. Whether you're looking to extend the time between full washing sessions or just want to quickly detail your vehicle, this ceramic booster spray is the perfect choice. It works effectively as a standalone sealant or as a booster over existing wax, sealant and ceramic layers, offering flexibility.